Become a Partner in Shoreline Menus LLC

Open to restaurant owners whose restaurants are active clients of

meeting of restaurant owners
Wednesday, May 29 at 9 a.m.
Penny Lane Pub
150 Main St, Old Saybrook



  • own shares (Membership Units) in Shoreline Menus LLC
  • elect Board of Directors and can act in management roles
  • receive a discounted rate on delivery
  • receive exclusive marketing benefits to promote their restaurants (both for off-premises and in-house)
  • receive distributions of profits
  • can sell their shares (redeem their Membership Units)

Partners can buy in at 3 levels


  • 1 share
  • $995
  • Or 6 monthly payments of $174.13
  • 18% delivery rate (10% savings)
  • Bronze level marketing package


  • $2695
  • Or 6 monthly payments of $471.63
  • 17% delivery rate (15% savings)
  • Silver level marketing package


  • $3995
  • Or 6 monthly payments of $699.13
  • 16% delivery rate (20% savings)
  • Gold level marketing package

Each share equals one vote.

Profit distributions per shares owned.

Shoreline Menus LLC will have an ownership stake in the delivery technology platform.

Founding members:

  • receive 1 additional share
  • receive 1 additional share for new members they bring into the LLC

Use of Funds

The business has virtually no overhead; the purpose of the invested capital is to promote the service and its member restaurants.

We will create an initial burst of publicity to generate awareness of and the delivery service. We will purchase advertising (online and offline) and create print pieces to reach our target high-value customers (esp businesses, hotels and marinas).

After launch, marketing and advertising campaigns will be funded from the proceeds of delivery sales.