Introducing Shoreline Menus, LLC
A restaurant-owned local delivery and marketing service.

What’s the purpose?

Restaurant delivery is huge and growing fast. For the past 5 years, delivery and digital ordering has been the primary engine of growth behind the entire $800 billion/year restaurant industry.

It’s dominated now by 3 large players: UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash.

They are very expensive, and their success has been built on the backs of mom-and-pop restaurants. They give huge discounts to the big chain restaurants while charging independents the full freight.

They also provide mediocre service and take ownership of your customer data.

This is a poor proposition for most independent restaurants, but many join because they want the exposure, customers increasingly demand delivery, and there aren’t many other options.

Until now.

As a group of independent restaurant owners, we are coming together to create 1) a restaurant-focused local marketing platform and 2) a low-cost, quality delivery service.

You are invited to be a member.

What do members receive?

  • lower delivery rate (e.g. about HALF of UberEats)
  • share of profits
  • equity in this growing business
  • ownership of the technology platform (great upside as we expand into new markets)
  • exclusive marketing promotions of your restaurant
  • regular, professional social media campaigns
  • discounted group advertising buys
  • leveraged marketing resources and personnel

(See more details here.)

What’s the value of being a member? 

  • As a delivery client or member, there’s a wide range of sales volume, but on average restaurants do 3 orders per day
  • At 3 orders per day, you can expect $35,000/yr in additional off-premises sales
  • Compared to delivery Clients, Members save 2 – 4 points per order (10% – 20% less), or about $1100 per year
  • Estimated marketing value of $50 per week = $2500 per year
  • At a 5% profit share (This would vary of course depending on purchased amount and additional members, but 5% would be typical of the first members.)

Over a 3 year period, an initial $2700 investment would yield:

  • over $3000 in direct delivery savings
  • $7500 in marketing and advertising promotions
  • profit distributions of $1000 or more
  • on top of the increased value of your ownership percentage

And all of that is in addition to the increased sales volume you will do as a delivery client, on average about $100,000.

Click here for details of Membership.

Join us!