Cafe Routier Bistro & Lounge

Cafe Routier

It’s change when you least expect it, grounded by our roots. Regional curiosity drives our menus and follow the seasons. Our energy across the globe challenged by historic cuisine.

Roma, Morocco, Japan, India, Gascony, Peru, Piedmont, Cuba, Bar Harbor, Savoie, Liguria, Barcelona, Brazil, Pacific Northwest, NYC Steakhouse, Basque, Friuli, Andalusia, etc.

Fusion meets classic technique. Choices are satisfied by mood. Join friends out or soak up intimacy. We are chefs that toy with innovation but never lose sight of your taste.

We try to stay ahead of the pack, yet remain quiet among the herd. Think outside the palate, or stay close to comfort. Listen to the sounds. Graze over small plates or indulge. Pick your grape. See us before you go out. Come to us afterward – it is your booth. It is Café Routier.

1353 Boston Post Rd.
Westbrook, CT 06498
Tel: (860) 399-8700

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