Brickside Pizza

At Brickside Pizza we believe in quality of craft and tradition. Here you will find un-compromised quality, fresh ingredients and delicious wood fired pizza!

With twenty combined years of experience in the pizza industry, good friends, Will Nuss and Paul Capezzone bring Brickside Pizza to the heart of Ivoryton CT. At Brickside we believe in elevating the standard of pizza by honoring and expanding upon the traditions of the past with emphasis on quality and new creative recipes.

We hold quality of craft and tradition above all else.  It is our focus to offer an exceptional customer experience and the highest quality product at the best possible price.  We believe in creating a product that will impress the likes of all who enjoy pizza at a price an average family can afford. 

As important as product quality, we understand the importance of connecting with our customers and providing an atmosphere that is unique and friendly. We are all family and close friends doing what we love to do, getting together and cooking.  A tradition passed down through the generations.  We want to invite our customers into the kitchen and share our traditions with them, just as our grandmothers and grandfathers once did with us.  We want to share the entire process from creation to the finished product.  From the spinning of the dough and the flames of the wood fired brick oven to your home.


104 Main St. Unit C
Ivoryton, CT 06442
Tel: (860)767-2555
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