Beach Donut Shop is not like the other donut shops, and they’re proud of that!  You’ll never get a previously frozen donut, or one that was made offsite and shipped from who knows where.  All of their donuts are handmade by the staff and baked throughout the day, to ensure that they are mouth-watering fresh.

In addition to donuts, they always have a freshly baked assortment of Danish, turn-overs, muffins, honeybuns, giant cookies, whoopie pies, crumb cakes, rice crispy treats and more.

And not just sweets! Delicious breakfast and lunch sandwiches are made to order and are served fresh all day.

Now delivering to: Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Clinton, Madison, Essex and surrounding areas!

344 E Main St
Clinton, CT 06413
Tel: (860)664-5058
Beach Donuts menu –

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