APIZZA A WEEK Subscription

A Pizza A Week

the exclusive Shoreline Pizza Subscription


every week

Great food.
Supporting your favorite local restaurants.
Saving you a bundle. 


Each week for 6 months, choose from our list of great local restaurants.

Love a particular pizzeria? Get a FREE pizza from them every week.

Looking to sample the great options we have along the Shoreline? This is the way to do it. You can change things up week after week and discover the variety of styles and flavors made by our local pizza artisans.

Happy Team - Happy Budget

Whatever type of team you’re a part of:

  • Workers
  • Athletes
  • Clubs
  • Volunteers
  • Families

a happy team works together better.

And pizza makes people happy. Obviously.

Team-Building for $7.65 per week

The average price of a large cheese pizza in CT is $18.48.

This subscription can bring your cost down to just $7.65!!!

a 58% savings

How to join? Pick your plan below and subscribe

You’ll receive an email with your exclusive coupon code and a start date.

Every week, place a Delivery or Takeout order (depending on the plan you choose) from any restaurant in our subscription list.

Add a Large Cheese Pizza to your cart. (Of course, you can order anything else you want also.) 

At checkout, apply your exclusive coupon code. 

And just like that, FREE PIZZA!

The Fine Print


6 Month Subscription plan is 26 weeks.


  • Each week you will have an exclusive coupon code entitling you to a Free Large Cheese Pizza. This coupon can be used one time per week and is valid for that week only (i.e. “use it or lose it”). 
  • Your Coupon Code is exclusive to you and your user login (email address).
  • Your Free Large Cheese Pizza is just that; it can’t be modified to become a 6-Topping Pizza, a Half-and-Half Pizza, a Giant Deluxe Supreme Pizza, a Calzone – you get the picture.
  • Offer is valid only on orders placed online through the Eatzy platform – Shoreline Menus website, Shoreline Menus mobile app, any of the restaurant direct order pages (like the ones linked below)
  • The list of restaurants may vary. We add restaurants to our platform regularly, and they can also join this subscription. If you would like to see another favorite pizzeria on the list, let us know in the contact form.

Questions or more info?

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